What is BYNET in Teradata ?What are the features of BYNET ?

The  BYNET  is a high-speed interconnect network that enables multiple nodes in the system to communicate. It handles the internal communication of the Teradata Database. All communication between Parsing Engines(PEs) and AMPs is done via the BYNET.

When the PE dispatches the steps for the AMPs to perform, they are dispatched onto the BYNET. The messages are routed to the appropriate AMP(s) where results sets and status information are generated. This response information is also routed back to the requesting PE via the BYNET. Depending on the nature of the dispatch request, the communication between nodes may be to all nodes or to one specific node in the system.

The BYNET is the combinations - hardware and software, which handle the communication between the vprocs and the nodes.

Hardware: The nodes of an MPP system are connected with the BYNET hardware, consisting of BYNET boards and cables.

Software: The BYNET driver is installed on every node. This BYNET driver is an interface between the PDE software and the BYNET hardware.

Note :- SMP systems do not contain BYNET hardware. The PDE(Parallel Database Extensions) and BYNET software emulate BYNET activity in a single-node environment.

Below are the features of BYNET


High performance

Fault tolerant

Load balanced